Tipping Hotel Housekeepers

Employees of Naturally Clean have come from many different industries. Many of them have come from the hotel and hospitality industry. Housekeepers in this field bring the housekeeping skills of making beds, cleaning washrooms and light dusting and vacuuming of rooms. As a housekeeper employed by a hotel, they rarely get paid more than minimum wage. Hotel guests will tip servers, bartenders and the hotel porter, but housekeepers are often overlooked mainly because it is not customary in most countries to do so.

1. Ask at the hotel staff at the reception if you will be receiving the same house keeper each day. This is a good indicated if you should be tipping for housekeeping services each day or if you should be leaving a lump sum at the end of the stay if you have the same housekeeper.

2. Although up to you, a standard tip is $2 per day for every bed in the room and $3to $5 for upscale hotels. Again, if you have a regular housekeeper during your stay, you can pay a lump sum at the time of check out.

3. Consider paying additional money if your housekeeper provides you with exceptional service and helps you with extra services.

4. Leave the tip in an envelope or write a note that indicates the money is for housekeeping. Housekeepers need to careful not be accused of stealing money.

5. Place the tip or envelope on a pillow or nightstand where the housekeeper is sure to find it.

6. In some European countries tipping is discouraged. Therefore, tip appropriately to the service that you have received. In the Middle East, tipping is customary and is often concealed with a handshake.

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