Cleaning up for the Holidays

With Christmas being just 4 weeks away you wonder how are you going to get everything done. Naturally Clean the cleaning experts has put together a list of cleaning tips that for sure is going to save you time and to be ready for December 25.

1. Be organized and planned. Make a to-do-list for each day until Dec 25, and put it on the refrigerator. Remember to include on the list days that you will focus on baking, shopping and wrapping presents.

2. The first task to be completed is to spend some time to declutter and organize rooms. You want to have space to put up your Christmas decorations.

3. Focus doing a more thorough clean on the main level and the upstairs washroom. Guests will not be roaming through your bedrooms and certain other rooms.

4. Schedule a day that will you give the main areas a really thorough clean a couple weeks before Christmas and then you just have to maintain it. This will keep the stress down knowing that the big clean is already done.

5. Guests will be arriving through the main entrance, therefore, this may be an area that you want to make a good impression. Remove cobwebs, wipe the door and baseboards. Tidy up any shoes or put them away. Clean mirrors, if any, and give the floor a good wash or vacuum. You can put a Christmas mat out front or hang up a Christmas wreath.

6. The next room to thoroughly clean is the living and dining room. If having guests this is the main area they will be gathering. Again, be sure you catch all the cobwebs and check the light fixtures for dust and cobwebs too. Clean all windows, glass doors, spot clean walls and light switches. Add Christmas decorations and scented candles to brighten up the room.

7. Bathrooms will also need a thorough cleaning. Scrub sinks and toilets and shine up the facets. Adding a scented candle is a nice touch too.

Once all tasks have been completed and you are ready for all the Christmas festivities spend some time being kind to yourself. You deserve it.

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