We offer an extensive list of residential cleaning services that can be arranged according to your schedule and customized to meet your specific needs. Below is a list of our most popular housekeeping services. Our task list provides a complete list of the rooms and items that can be cleaned in your home.

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Home Cleaning

Initial clean: our first visit will allow us to give your home some special attention, as we spend some additional time cleaning it from top to bottom to prepare it for shorter regular house cleaning visits

Regular maintenance clean: scheduling regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly housekeeping visits will help maintain the sparkle and healthy cleanliness of your home

Affordable House Cleaning Packages

Basic Clean: a general house clean of the main areas of your home, including wiping and disinfecting the bathrooms and kitchen, light dusting of flat surfaces in living and bedrooms, vacuuming and washing floors

Complete Clean: a thorough green house clean that gives you a deeper clean by wiping, scrubbing, dusting and disinfecting all rooms (including baseboards, door frames/trims, windows, etc.)

Customized Clean: this house clean can include a complete house clean on a rotating basis or a self-designed cleaning program, based on your specific priorities, lifestyle, budget, or time

Specialty Requests and One-Time House Cleans

Tidy and Clean Program: if you need some extra help in getting things done in the house along with your regular house cleaning, we would love to help with tasks like cleaning inside the stove and fridge, washing/drying dishes, making beds, doing laundry, ironing, light tidying, and organizing

Seasonal Deep House Clean: Tailored to each job and concentrating on areas that need more attention, our spring and deep clean includes our regular complete house cleaning services as well as any of the items on our general task list

Move In / Move Out Cleaning: We will prepare your home for the next tenant or make sure it is ready for you to move in by ensuring that all major areas of your home are thoroughly cleaned (includes the inside of cabinets and closets and any marks on walls and baseboards)

Post Construction: One last clean of your newly constructed or renovated home will ensure that it is sparkling and ready for occupancy (includes the inside of cabinets and closets, marks on walls and baseboards, as well as the inside of windows and outside where can be reached)

Helping Hands: We would love to lend a hand for all those one-time projects that are hard to get done, like tidying and organizing rooms, closets, and cupboards; cleaning out the garage; washing walls, ceilings, and windows; weeding your garden, shoveling snow, and others

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