The Many Uses of Vinegar

The Many uses of Vinegar

I love vinegar. I use it for many different tasks in my own household and used it for years when cleaning other people homes. It is our practice at Naturally Clean to use alot of vinegar. You can clean a whole house with it. Vinegar is versatile and can be used for multiple tasks. It is a cleaner, an herbicide, a brightener, and so much more. And we should mention that it is safe to use and is cheap. Here are just some tips in ways you can use vinegar around the house.

1. Put it in a bowl to freshen up the fridge. It also will eliminate odors on plastic containers.

2. Clean shelves – dilute vinegar and water half and half to make a solution

3. Removes water stains on faucets, sinks, and glassware, and coffee pots. You can add some salt or baking soda to the vinegar. For touch stains take a paper towel soaked with vinegar and wrapped the paper towel around the surface and leave for a few hours.

4. A Germ Killer- spray full strength surfaces, like tub, toilet and sink and wipe clean with a damp cloth

5. Stains on Garments – Rub vinegar gently on the stain and then wipe with a clean cloth

6. A toilet cleaner- I pour a small jug of straight vinegar into the toilet and let sit for hours or overnight. Scrub with a scrubby pad or brush and flush.

7. Static Cling – add a half cup of white distilled to vinegar to your wash cycle.

8. Carpet Stain remover – make a paste of ¼ cup of baking soda or salt with a few tablespoons of vinegar. Rub the paste into the stain and let sit for a few hours or until dry. Then just vacuum the residue away.

In the next blog, I will give you more clever tips on how to use vinegar.

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