Cottage Rules

It is now officially summer and renting is a cottage is one of the fun things to do in the summer. The thought of getting away to a vacation spot by the water and being free of any obligations except to lay around and bath by the water, roast marshmallows and enjoy relaxing meals sounds thrilling. Thrilling that is until the last day comes and you are reminded by the To Do List left by the cottage owners/renters.

It may be a bit annoying to think that on your holidays you would have to do chores. One of the everyday household tasks you are trying to escape. But According to Simon Law, vice-president at cottages4you, it’s actually not supposed to be an onerous obligation. “Just as most of us tidy up when leaving a hotel room, we would expect the same courtesy from holidaymakers before leaving a cottage,” he says.

“There are no official rules, it is more about etiquette and leaving your property in good order. Our customers appreciate the houses we offer and know to leave the kitchenware cleaned, towels in the bath and so on, and this is much appreciated by owners and caretakers who have limited time for the turnaround. The property caretaker would then take responsibility for ensuring the property is thoroughly clean for the next guests.”

So if you are wondering, what does tidy mean and what are the rules of a cottage. Here are a few of the tasks that may be requested of you.

1. Bringing your own bed linen and pillow case is expected. I would also bring some extra blankets for the colder evenings

2. Garbage needs to be removed and taken to the nearest garbage deposal area

3. Dishes to be cleaned and put back in the cupboards

4. Do a light tidy around the place and put things back where they belong

5. A quick sweep and/or vac would be nice but not expected.

Just to note, cottage renters if they find that the cottage has not been left in its original condition may charge you a fee. This can be up to $100.00. So doing a quick tidy may be a good idea. Like mentioned it does not have to take long.




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