The Many Uses of Vinegar for Laundry and Clothes Care

The Many Uses of Vinegar – Laundry and Clothes Care

 Did you ever think that vinegar could have so many great uses for keeping your laundry clean? You can use vinegar for deordizing your machine, preserving fading and colors, as a stain remover, etc. Plus vinegar is non-toxic, chemical free and completely safe to use. Here are a list of tips for different ways you can use vinegar.

1. Protect your clothes from fading by pouring in a ½ cup of vinegar

2. Use to brighten up and whiten up your clothes. Vinegar can act as a whitener and brightener.

3. Stop bright colors from running by immersing clothes in a full strength vinegar solution for about 10-15 minutes than wash.

4. Removes lint from clinging onto your clothes. Adding ½ -1 cup of vinegar to the wash cycle

5. Acts as a stain remover. Rub a straight solution of vinegar onto the stain or use a tooth brush. Scrub stain and then wash.

6. Removes yucky mildew odors from the machine. Pour about 2 cups of straight vinegar into the machine, add hot water and run the normal wash cycle.

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