Questions to ask when Hiring a Cleaning Service.

So, you finally decided to take the plunge and a hire someone with helping you clean your house. When making this decision, there are a few questions that are important to ask yourself. Making a list of questions will be beneficial in making the right choice in the person or company you will hire.

The first step than is to make the decision if you are going to hire a company verses an individual person. Here are a few things to consider for both.

A personal housecleaner more than likely will not insured. This means that if the person gets injured in your home you may be responsible to provide them compensation. Also, if something gets broke and the individual is not able to pay for it then you are solely responsible. You are also not covered for lost or stolen items. Another downfall, is that the person will get sick, take holidays or may need to reschedule your cleaning day because they are too busy.

A professional cleaning company, such as, Naturally Clean, will always provide you with a backup team if your team is not available. Although, a cleaning company can be a bit more money, it is worth it in that they can offer flexible scheduling. A cleaning company will also be insured, bonded and should have workmen’s compensation.

Now that you have decided to hire either a personal cleaner or a cleaning company, here are some other questions to make note of to ask when interviewing.

1. Do they conduct their quotes over the phone or do an in home estimate. I would be suspect of receiving a quote over the phone. Seeing the layout of home and the life style of the individual can help you in receiving an accurate quote. This also gives you the opportunity to make a connection with the potential client and build a working relationship. Also, you may leave yourself open to having the person or company come back and charge you more. Claiming that they did not see thee home.

2. If you are hiring a cleaning company, ask them how many cleaners they send. Two cleaners are reasonable and they provide you with security because they are watching each other, More than two cleaners is not necessarily more efficient and can waste time when delegating tasks.

3. Ask them about their cleaning system. How do they wash floors? Do they get into the corner and edges? How do they clean toilets…with a scrub brush that they use from home to home or disposable scrubber? A healthy cleaning system can give you some assurance that dirt and germs are not being spread around

4. Are they insured, bonded and have workmen’s compensation. Very important to ask. As mentioned above, if the company or perhaps the individual is insured then you are covered if something happens in your home.

5. Ask how many years they have been in business. And don’t be afraid to ask for reference.

6. Do they bring their own cleaning equipment and supplies? Some companies will bring in their own equipment but not necessarily the products. Also, ask what kind of products they use if they are bringing in their own. This is important to ask, especially if you want to use o only environmentally friendly cleaning products.

7. Finally, how do they maintain the quality of the service? Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy? Do they perform a quality check at the end of each clean? Is the company open to receiving feedback?












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