Cleaning Pet Urine off Carpets

Cleaning Pet Urine off the Carpet

 Naturally Clean has been in the residential and commercial cleaning business close to ten years, We have cleaned many homes with servere carpet odours and stains from pet urine.

Commercial stain-removing products are quite often hazardous and contain toxic chemicals and solvents that are dangerous to your health and to the environment. For example, some of the health risks are cancer and central nervous system damage. Other risks include, skin irritation, nausea, dizziness, respiratory problems. Chemicals such as perchloroethylene and isopropyl are carcinogenic. Butyl cellosolve is a central nervous system toxin and propylene glycol methyl ether is an eye, skin and respiratory irritant. They may also include surfactants (detergents) which can irritate skin, the carcinogen1,4-dioxane, ethanol, ammonia and fragrances.

Naturally Cleans recommendation, if you want to clean pet odour and stains from your carpet, there are some non-toxic and safer solutions to cleaning them. Just to note, it is crucial, if you are able, that the stain be cleaned as soon before it settles too deelply into the fabric.

Carpet Stain Remover

Label a 500 ml spray bottle. Fill half with warm water and half with vinegar. Add a tablespoon of liquid castile soap. Spray the carpet stain until it is soaked. Then with a damp cloth rub the stain.

Carpet Stain Remover for Heavy Duty Stains

In a bowl mix, ¼ cup each of salt, borax, and vingar. Rub the paste into the carpet and let sit for a few hours, and then vacuum.

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