Cleaning House in a Pinch.

It tis the season, again! Christmas is just around the corner. Which means a lot of hustling and bustling to get everything done. But before you fret over not being able to get everything done, you can relax knowing that all it takes is a mere 15 minutes and you can make your home appear like you have spent all day cleaning.

All it takes is a bit of organizing, a microfiber cloth and a broom!

Kitchen – put the dishes in the dishwasher and run a cloth around the counter and clean the sink

Bathroom – put away toothpaste and brushes and give the counter a quick wipe. Put a fresh stock of toilet paper in each bathroom

Living/dining room – fluff pillows, fold blankets, and neatly organize any magazines. Give the coffee table and other surfaces a quick dust.

Now, do a quick sweep or vacuum throughout the house. You are now done!

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