Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be finicky to clean, and with a few myths to how to clean them.

The 2 most common myths that I have heard is that you cannot use vinegar on the floor or hot water. Vinegar, if used sparingly, is a great dirt lifter and cleaner. It is important as mentioned to use only a little. Too much can over time remove the finish. Hot water, also, is a great cleaner. However, you want to only have your mop damp. Getting hardwood floors too wet can damage them. If you do get it too wet, dry immediately.

Naturally Clean has been cleaning hardwood floors for about 10 years, and we clean a lot of them on a daily basis. Here is our approach to cleaning hardwood floors.

What you need is, a vacuum with a soft hardwood floor attachment, a bucket and a microfiber flat mop and access to hot water.

Vacuum the floor thoroughly and don’t forget the corner and edges. When ready to wash the floor, dip the mop into the hot bucket water, but be sure you only get it damp. Mop the wood floor following the grain of the wood with even back and forth strokes. This will give you a streak free finish. If your floor is streaking, more than likely, the bucket water is dirty or the mop cloth is. A wood floor that looks cloudy is the result of product being used previously on the floor. To remove a product that was used on the floor will require that the floor be washed with more water. Wash the floor thoroughly but immediately dry it. Again, follow the grain.

If you need assistance in cleaning your floors or just need some tips, Naturally Clean is here to help.

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