House hold plants to clean your home.

Believe it or not, NASA created a list of the best air-filtering plants!

The plants listed below are some of the most popular house plants, so they’ll be easy to find, and they’re also easy to care for.

Decorate your home or office with a combination of indoor plants

  • Spider plants
  • Peace lilies
  • Snake plants (aka mother-in-law’s tongue)
  • Elephant ears
  • Weeping figs
  • Rubber plants
  • Bamboo palms (aka reed palm)

However, you don’t have to be an astronaut to know that plants produce oxygen. But what you might not realize is that indoor plants can also absorb contaminants like benzene and formaldehyde (a known carcinogen). Dr. B.C. Wolverton’s research also showed that plant-filtered rooms have 50 to 60 per cent less airborne microbes, like mold spores and bacteria.

Get rid of any fake, silk plants—they only collect dust—and harness the environment’s natural ability to clean itself. You can also check the library for a more exhaustive list in Dr. B. C. Wolverton’s book, How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 houseplants that purify your home or office.

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