How to clean home electronics

Often on cleaning day we tip-toe around the television and computer because we’re afraid we might damage something. That’s true to be careful, but not cleaning these items may be an even bigger problem. Always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before anything.


Dust is a huge issue with electronics, especially the TV and computer monitors. A screen can get dusty, grimy and spotted with fingerprints. Dust also settles on other components and can cause blockages (think fans). The important thing is to dust electronics regularly.

Remove dust and crumbs from computer keyboards with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner attachment. Or turn the keyboard upside down and gently shake. You can also use compressed air to spray between the keys to remove loose dust and dirt.

For other electronics, compressed air works to remove dust from all external surfaces.


Use a cotton swab or Q-tip lightly dipped in warm soapy water and patted dry to clean keys on the keyboard.

Monitors that are made of glass and don’t have any special coatings can be cleaned using water or a basic glass cleaner – but never spray any liquid directly on the monitor- the liquid could run down into seams and into the electronics. Spray on a soft, lint-free microfibre cloth – just enough cleaner to moisten, then gently wipe the viewable surface.

Wipe the monitor screen gently with a damp or dry microfibre cloth to remove dust and fingerprints. Do the same with the TV screen.

On soft (LCD) screens, use only a dry, soft, clean microfibre cloth and wipe gently. Do not use any solvents.

Do not use paper towels on any of these surfaces as they can scratch.


If a spill happens near the keyboard or TV, soak up liquid immediately and minimize damage by turning the equipment off, unplugging it and wiping as much up of the spill as possible.

Once you’ve wiped as much as you can, assess the damage. If the spill was on the surface and did not make it inside your electronic device, it may be okay.

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