Go Paperless!

Spring has finally arrived, and with spring comes some cleaning. This year as we prepare for the warmer months it’s important to remember that environmentally friendly can be economically savvy.

When looking to be environmentally conscious it’s important to start with the basics, and it doesn’t get anymore basic than paper towels. Ditch the paper towels! In the United States alone 3,000 tons of paper towel waste goes into landfills each day; that’s over 1 million tons each year. On top of being a major contributor to landfills, they are also a very expensive option when compared to the alternative. A simple switch from paper towels to microfiber cleaning cloths or even old rags can immediately reduce your carbon footprint, and increases the cash in your wallet.

The usage of paper towels is a bad habit, but luckily it’s an easy one to break. Our piece of advice is start small, and make a modest goal of going paperless. Start with one day, then up that goal to one week, one month, and then eventually realize that not only is going paperless a great decision for the environment, but can be implemented quite easily.



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