Take Five: 15 ways you can make the most of 5 minutes

Take Five: 15 ways you can make the most of 5 minutes

It’s true, five minutes isn’t a lot of time, but in the space of a Super Bowl commercial break, you could tackle a task that you’ve been putting off. Need some ideas? Here are a few to get you going.

  • Jot down your favorite moment of the day.
  • Empty the dishwasher.
  • Write a thank you note. To anyone. There is always something to be grateful for.
  • Replace a light bulb.
  • Go through a dresser drawer and find five items to donate.
  • Shake out a rug.
  • Sort laundry.
  • Replace empty toilet paper rolls.
  • Dust fan blades
  • De-splatter your bathroom mirror.
  • Compost decaying produce in the refrigerator
  • Remove the dry-cleaning bags from the clothes in your closet (surely I’m not the only one who hangs them up and then forgets to do this?).
  • Floss your teeth.
  • Workout. No, seriously. Do 25 jumping jacks, 20 crunches, 15 squats, 10 push-ups, and 10 burpees. Congratulations, you’ve just boosted your metabolism for the rest of the day.
  • Sort that stack of papers before it takes over your entire kitchen.

If you don’t think you can get it done in five minutes, time yourself while doing it. Even if you fail to beat the buzzer, the project is that much closer to being done. After all, sometimes starting something is the hardest part—and you’ve already got that conquered.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for being so productive—and you can take your time with that.

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