How to Keep your House Smelling Fresh

 How to Keep your House Smelling Fresh…Naturally Clean has the answer!

 With the spring cleaning season well underway, it’s a joy to open the windows and let the fresh air in!

Taking care of filters in your appliances is one of those important cleaning tips that help keep the air in your house clean and fresh for you and your family. Clogged filters can’t do their job properly, and an old filter might actually be circulating bad air and bacteria.

Vacuum cleaner: Cleaning or changing a dirty vacuum cleaner filter will improve suction power and can help eliminate dust particles from the air when you vacuum. Check your owner’s manual for how-to- information.

Furnace: Even though the weather is changing and the furnace is being used less often, it’s still important to replace filters regularly, usually every season. If you have a pet, best practice would be to replace your filter every month.

Air conditioner: Air conditioners also have filters and whether you have central air or a window unit, it’s important to visually inspect the filter and clean it if necessary before you start using it again. A dirty filter can cause your air conditioner to malfunction. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean or replace the filter.




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