How to Clean your Dogs Teeth

How to clean your Dogs Teeth

If you have a dog you know it can cost a lot of money to have their teeth professionally cleaned. But a few simple habits can help reduce the risk of your pet developing dental problems.

Dog expert Cesar Millan recommends:

  • Start brushing your dog’s teeth when it is a puppy so he or she is comfortable with the regular cleaning.
  • Use a special canine toothbrush with a double-head and brushes at a 45 degree angle to clean below the gum line. Use special dog toothpaste as well.
  • Start by brushing slowly and stop if your dog becomes too agitated, even if you don’t brush the whole mouth.
  • Speak soothingly and pleasantly during the brushing, and reward your dog with a treat afterwards.
  • Feed your dog dry food – because it keeps teeth cleaner. Soft food often sticks to their teeth and can cause decay. Most vets also sell special food that is formulated to help keep your dog’s teeth clean too.
  • Give the dog chew bones and toys that are made to clean teeth.
  • See a vet if there appears to be problems with the dog’s teeth.

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