1. Schedule the project Choose a time when the sun is not shining directly on

windows. Its hot rays can cause the cleaning solution to dry, which will result in streaks.

2. Clean the surface With a soft-bristle brush, dust away cobwebs and loose dirt

from windows and frames. Don’t forget hinges, sills, and tracks. Wear rubber gloves to

protect your hands, especially if the frames are old and splintery.

3. Make the cleaning solution Mix 1 part white vinegar and 1 part hot water.

4. Prevent a mess Before cleaning the inside of each window, place an absorbent

terry-cloth towel along the windowsill to catch drips.

5. Wet the glass Using a sponge, wet (but don’t drench) the windowpane with the

vinegar-and-water solution, and rub away the dirt. As much as possible, keep the solution

from coming into contact with the window frames.

6. Prime a squeegee Wet the rubber blade; a dry one will skip.

7. Wipe the glass Starting at an upper corner of the pane, draw the squeegee down

in a straight, confident stroke. Wipe the rubber edge of the squeegee with a sponge

or a lint-free cloth. Return to the top and repeat, slightly overlapping the first stroke.

Finish by pulling the squeegee across the bottom of the window. Dry the sill.

8. Clean the frames Wipe surfaces using a cloth dampened with soap and water.


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