Going Green can Save you Money

Going Green can Save you Money!

There has always been a misconception that ‘going green’ is expensive. Naturally Clean, the all natural cleaning experts, knows for a fact that being eco-friendly can ultimately save you money, and at the same time caring about the health of your family and the planet. Here are some ways you can, ‘go green’ and save money.

1. Use cloth napkins – Not only is your waste limited, but you don’t have to replace them every couple of months!

2. Grow your own food – this is not as difficult as you think, and it probably has the largest impact on your budget and on the environment. By not contributing to your carbon footprint of transporting produce from all over the world, and growing them either on your windowsill or in your backyard, not only do you save hundreds in the long run, but you reduce your contribution to harmful emissions into the air.

3. Use reusable water bottles – Tap water is drinkable, and for the same price as that $3 bottle of water, you can get hundreds of gallons!

4. Make your own cleaning products – not only are chemicals toxic for you, but they are toxic for the environment too. And, a basic cleaning solution of vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda, all of which you likely have in your kitchen, is all you need! Stop wasting money on toxic cleaning chemicals!

5. Yard sales – get rid of all of that extra clutter and cash in! Not only can you make money by selling old stuff, but you can save money by purchasing pre-loved items! Yard sales are the epitome of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra!

6. Walk, carpool, or ride a bike – Gas is expensive, and it is also harmful for the environment. By choosing to walk, carpool or ride a bike, you are not only saving money on gas but you also help reduce the amount of chemicals being released into the air!

7. Recycle and Upcycle – tin cans can be re-purposed and converted into little plant pots; leftover produce can be converted into compost; an old ladder can be mounted on a wall and be used as shelving. Also, look into your local electronics dealer and see if they will properly recycle old technology for you – at Future Shop you can get a store credit for returning old laptops!

8. Buy local – from produce to furniture, when you purchase locally sourced items you minimizing your carbon footprint by not paying extra to have items shipped from all over the world! Visit farmer’s markets and local vendors for not only better quality items but more eco-friendly items, too!

9. Hang to dry – It’s spring time and there is nothing better than putting fresh sheets on your bed that have been hung out in the sunshine and nature to dry! Plus it lowers your hydro bill!

10. Use reusable bags – Although plastic bags may only be 5 cents in some areas, by simply using reusable bags that are usually made of recycled items, you are no longer contributing to landfills and waste!


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