What to look for when choosing a Natural Cleaner

What to look for when choosing a Natural Cleaner

 There is really no generally accepted definition of “green cleaning”.

Since it has become fashionable to be green, a lot of companies now describe their not so eco-friendly products as “green”.

For some, it means that the products contain SOME green ingredients that are “plant derived”.  However, they like to overlook a lot of harmful, petroleum based ingredients that go into making it.  For some it means that the product is “biodegradable” – which again does not mean much unless it’s further defined, as “biodegradable” could mean a product takes a number of lifetimes to break down fully.

At Naturally Clean, we have set our own standards through our own research and collaborated with an all natural chemist on ingredients necessary for effective cleaning and their impact on health and the environment.  We also used Ecocert as well as other certifying bodies’ standards as our reference. For the most part, Naturally Clean uses only water, vinegar and soap, and which has proven time over time as being 100% effective in everyday household cleaning.

Products that have a “green certification” and list all of their ingredients are more likely to be green than those that are only making unsupported claims. Cleaning product labels don’t necessarily disclose a complete ingredient list.  In light of this absence, the consumers should be looking for external certifications when making purchases.   Ecocert has the highest standards as far as the cleaning products certifications.

 For us, green means:

No ingredients identified as health or environmental hazards allowed (even though the certifying body’s standards allowed inclusion of them in some limited amounts, we decided against this option)

No petroleum based ingredients (the products contain only plant and mineral derived ingredients)

ALL ingredients are listed so that the consumer can make their own informed decision. The food manufacturers as well as cosmetic manufacturers are required by law to disclose ingredients.  At Naturally Clean, we believe the requirements should be similar for cleaning products manufacturers.

No fragrances, only pure essential oils known for their anti-bacterial, anti-viral and other therapeutic properties

Minimum impact on the environment in every decision, i.e. post-consumer recycled material in our packaging and an option to purchase concentrated products that can be diluted with water to save money and the environment.

No disposable products offered – we offer microfiber cloths that even though they are not natural, are so effective for cleaning that they can be used with water only for day-to-day cleaning, and so durable that can be re-used for up to 2 years. (And we’re not just saying it, we have tested it and do so every day with our cleaning service!)

Naturally Clean, the healthy living and green cleaning experts, wants consumers to understand how harsh chemicals and unhealthy practices can negatively affect them physical and mentally, with the hope that they will be able to make informed decisions and pursue a more green and healthy lifestyle.Naturally Clean is always available to answer your questions or discuss a topic. If you have a question, send us an email at, www.naturallyclean.ca and we are happy to help.


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