Seven Sins of Greenwashing

Ever since the birth of the, eco-friendly era, there have been small businesses to big corporations that make claims that their businesses are completely ‘all natural, eco-friendly, green’,etc. Many fall short and are vague about their level of ‘eco-friendliness. This misleading claim to promote a product or business as ecofriendly is called ‘green washing.

Although some businesses are true to making a step forward in going green. There are way too many other businesses that use the term as a convenient slogan. As consumers we are constantly bombarded with advertising campaigns saying, improve your air quality, detox your life, save the ocean, etc. Greenwashing has made it challenging for consumers to comfortably know when statements are true or if they are being stretched.

Terra choice an environmental service that has tested more than 2,000 self proclaimed environmentally friendly products in North America. What they found was that only 25 out of the 2,000 were truly eco-friendly. In other words, 98 per cent of products with labels ‘natural or ‘environmentally friendly are actually making false claims.

The report by TerraChoice is very informative and I have included the link for people who want to become more aware of the ‘Seven Sins of Greenwashing.’


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