Proper Cleaning Stratedgies

Following a proper cleaning strategy is an important step towards cleaning in a timely fashion.  However, if you don’t have the right ingredients or the proper tools to clean with, your cleaning strategy might not go as planned.  What you choose to clean your home with is a very important step in the cleaning process.

I choose to use non-toxic homemade cleaners in my home.  Vinegar is my number one cleaner.  I use it to get rid of pet odors, to clean mirrors and windows, on my countertops and even on my tile floors.  Vinegar is an extremely effective household disinfectant when mixed with water.  Use two parts vinegar to one part water.

Baking Soda is used in my home as a mild scouring scrub.  It helps remove tough stains, it helps unclog drains, it absorbs odors, and removes soap scum from showers.

I always use hydrogen peroxide to clean the mold out of my showers and in my laundry to remove stains.  It is a great alternative to bleach and is inexpensive to buy.  Hydrogen peroxide is an anti-viral, anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial.  I also use it as a whitening rinse after I brush my teeth.

I use rubbing alcohol as a sanitizer.  Brushes, combs and other household items are cleaned by soaking them in alcohol.

A bucket of warm water and a few tablespoons of liquid soap like Castile soap keeps my home sparkling.  Liquid soaps are safe to use on anything.  When doing quick clean-ups or when wiping down the countertops, I always grab my water and dish soap solution.

As far as cleaning tools go, I swear by microfiber cloths.  I have them in a few different colors because I use different color cloths for different tasks.  Microfiber cloths are amazing.  I use them dry when I dust and wet when wiping down mirrors and windows.   They pick up spills, dirt, rocks, pet hair, and anything else lying around on the floor!  I also use these wonderful cloths to scrub my tubs.  My microfiber mop is just as useful as my microfiber cloths.  I use the dry mop as a broom and the damp one to steam my floors.

My home would not be as clean as it is without my HEPA vacuum.  It picks up dirt without releasing it back into the air.  My vacuum picks up everything, from pet hair, to pollen, to dust bunnies because it’s closed canister removes 99.9% of these respiratory irritants.  This is so important in my family because we all suffer from sinuses.

Corn Starch helps keep my living room carpet stain free.  I sprinkle it on, let it sit and vacuum away!  The corn starch also removes those musty odors deep down in the carpet.  I sprinkle corn starch on all my area rugs to keep them fresh.

Using the proper tools and cleaning my home with non-toxic cleaning solutions are two very important steps in keeping my family healthy and my home clean and chemical-free!


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