Organize your Pantry

Organizing your pantry can be a huge relief for the home cook. Knowing where your go-to items are, and have a system in place to re-stock the pantry when necessary will help you out on many fronts: with being more organized at home, in planning meals, and with grocery shopping. And you don’t have to be a super mom with these pantry organizing tips from Naturally Clean

Keep the layout of your pantry like a grocery store would: Keep produce like potatoes and onions in one section, and canned goods in another. This will minimize looking time when you know exactly what you need.

Frequently purge on expired goods: Check expiration dates on your inventory every six months. This will ensure you aren’t storing goods that you don’t need or have gone bad. When reorganizing, make sure the oldest goods are in the front and newest in the back. This way nothing will go to waste.

Use clear, airtight containers: Keep dry foods like pasta and breakfast cereal in clear, air tight containers. This will keep foods fresher longer and give you easy access to your inventory. Your pantry will have a streamlined look when all your containers are uniform.

Make the most out of your space: Make note of the height of your pantry and take advantage of it! Adding adjustable shelves up high is an easy DIY project that will give you extra space. Store foods and canned goods up high that you access less often, like bulk rice and large canned goods. Remember to keep a step stool handy!

Take the time to put food away correctly: If you don’t have time to correctly arrange and organize your groceries when you get home, set non-perishables aside until you do. Also remember to check your inventory before going grocery shopping as to not overstock.

Use your pantry door: Try using a clear shoe organizer to store packaged goods. This will free up even more space and give you a transparent view of all your goods.

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