Health Robbers Report

by Naturally Clean

Today the average home contains more hazardous products than found in a typical chemistry lab. Research indicates that in an average home there are about 62 toxic chemicals. The thing is that most people think that household cleaners must be safe because they are sold in super markets. But, actually, labels do not contain accurate and complete information. Labels are only required to provide hazard symbols like poison, flammable and first aid treatments. However, there is no law that requires them to mention any long term affects or no warning of health risks like, it may cause cancer or respiratory problems.

Over the years numerous studies have been conducted from the American Cancer Society, The
Environmental Protection Association, and The Lung and Heart Association linking chemicals found in household cleaners to a rise in diseases and cancer, and to the poor air quality in homes. Although there is much documented research on this subject, manufacturers are still not required by law to list these dangerous ingredients. What are these ingredients in our household cleaners that can make use sick and what are their health risks?

In this report, there will be a new chemical feature in each blog outlining the facts of the dangerous household chemical. If you are interested, make sure that you check out Naturally Cleans blog.

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