Eco-Friendly Treats Your Dog Will Love

From chemical preservatives to animal by-products, salmonella to melamine, dog treats can be pretty harmful for your pet without you even recognizing it! If you don’t know what an ingredient is, chances are you wouldn’t eat it, so why should your dog?
Here are some alternative, more Eco-friendly treats that your dog will love from us at Naturally Clean!

  1. Stew: I personally make my dog a stew once a month and freeze it in containers meant for 3 day portions. Things you can include are potatoes, a meat or fish of choice, rice or quinoa, parsley and carrots. Throw it all into a crock pot for the day and you’re dog will not only smell the delicious stew, but they will gobble it up, too!
  2. Dehydrated sweet potato: super easy to make! Simply cut lengthwise fairly thick strips of sweet potato, and bake them at the lowest temperature (175 for me) for roughly 8 hours on a baking sheet.
  3. Hemp: Treats with hemp meal are great for digestion, and hemp is also environmentally friendly because it can grow extremely fast in any climate with little or no herbicide, fungicide or pesticide.
  4. Apples: my dog absolutely adores apples to no end! Plus, throw the core into the compost and you’re saving the planet! A little dab of natural peanut butter couldn’t hurt either!


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