Biggest Dust Collectors – What you can do about it.

There are some household items and furnishings that just love dust – and it seems there’s not much you can do to stop the problem… but maybe there is!

The cleaning experts at NATURALLY CLEAN have a few suggestions:

Carpeting: The best – and unfortunately most expensive – avoidance strategy is to replace wall-to-wall carpeting with wood, cork, tile or non-vinyl linoleum. Or, use throw rugs, which are much easier to shake out regularly. Otherwise, vacuum carpets frequently – getting into the corners, along the floorboards and moving furniture to reach all the dust bunnies. Also, look at how much dust is being tracked in. Perhaps your home needs a ‘shoes-off policy’ or at the very least, a door mat inside and outside where you can wipe your feet.

Pets: Dogs and cats bringing in dust and dirt are par for the course. It clings to their coats, and they just love rolling in it too. Give them a good brush before you let them inside. Wash and dry their feet (and in between their pads for sure) before they come in too if their paws look extra dirty.

Velvety finishes: Any type of velvety surface or similar finish is a magnet for dust. If you have pillows or mats that have this type of finish, replace them if possible. Look for a shinier finish that will repel dust. Shake out rugs at least once a week.

Light-coloured curtains: No matter what you do, light-coloured curtains are going to show the dust and dirt that comes in through screens when windows are open. During weekly cleanings, shake them out as you clean that area of the room. Schedule regular cleaning of curtains too – either in your own washing machine (if applicable) or have them dry-cleaned.

Venetian blinds: These are one of the worst dust collectors. Put them on your weekly cleaning list, especially during the warmer seasons when windows are open. Use a damp microfibre cloth or dampen an old mismatched sock (finally a good use for it!) and use it to wipe away dust on each blind. It’s time-consuming, but well worth it.

Knick-knacks: Knick-knacks are dust magnets too, especially if they’re not cleaned regularly. When the finish becomes dusty and almost sticky, the dust just keeps on coming. Clean and shine these items regularly. Commit to de-clutter too; clutter is a natural dust collector.

Shiny dark surfaces: Dust is attracted to shiny dark surfaces, and dust is very visible on these surfaces. Be sure to dust regularly and wipe surfaces with a slightly damp microfibre cloth.

Bedding: Did you know that bedding collects skin flakes and sheds its own fibres? To minimize the build-up, wash sheets and pillowcases once a week. Shake out blankets and bedspreads outside, if possible. Wash or dry-clean comforters at least once a season – or, as silly as it may look, you can even vacuum them if you’re able.

Pillows: Couch and throw cushions and pillows collect dust left by people (and pets). Be sure to vacuum them regularly or shake the pillows outside to get rid of the dust.

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