It is all about the details

It’s interesting how often I hear people say, when inquiring about cleaning services, is that they have been keeping up with the cleaning but need a little help. What I often notice when performing a home estimate is that the basic cleaning has been kept up but that it is usually the details of a home that get neglected. At Naturally Clean we understand that it is all about the details when cleaning a home thoroughly. Here are some items that are most commonly overlooked when cleaning a home.



-window sills including the tracking


-light fixtures

-inside the drain of sinks

-under the toilet rim

-door trimming and frames

-top of picture frames

-ceiling fans

-vents including wall and ceiling

-light switches

-door handles

-behind the toilet

-the side of bathroom vanities

At Naturally Clean we are the cleaning experts and are happy  to help in giving your home a thorough detailed cleaning that it deserves.

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