How to Clean Ceiling Fans

How To Clean Ceiling Fans

In our experience as professionals in residential house cleaning, one of the most troublesome areas to clean in your house would be your ceiling fans. It’s out of reach without a step ladder, and for many people it’s just a hassle to regularly clean.

But making it a habit to clean your ceiling fans regularly is important if you want to live in a dust-free home. It’s even more crucial when you factor in the fact that dusty blades can become loud, damage the motor, and more, so be sure to follow these Naturally Clean steps if you want to keep your fans working for as long as it can.

  1. Before doing anything, be sure that your ceiling fan is turned off. We don’t think anyone would actually attempt to clean their fans while it’s running, but it’s worth mentioning before someone gets a bright idea of some sorts.
  2. If you haven’t cleaned your fans in a while, then you’ll need to perform a detailed cleaning. Consider wearing goggles or some sort of protective eyewear (depending on the amount of dirt you have) because dust might fall into your face. Remove any light bulbs attached to the fan as well.
  3. Carefully wipe the fan blades with a soft dusting cloth designed to trap dust (so you don’t wipe it away and release it back into the air) and an eco-friendly all purpose cleaner. Alternately, you could use white vinegar if it’s really grimy, since this tends to be more effective in removing dirt. Be sure that you apply the cleaning agent on the cloth, then wipe the blades — don’t spray the cleaner straight into the fan, since this increases the risk that you’ll get liquid inside the motor.
  4. If you wish, you could also open up the fan casing and clean around the motor with a vacuum. Dusty fan motors use up more energy, so doing this could help your energy bill by a little bit! For any attached lighting fixtures, feel free to rinse it with soap and water. Dry them completely before putting them back.

That’s it, you’re done! Be sure to do a detailed cleaning at least once every 1-2 months. Every week, you could simply clean the fan blades using a fan duster then vacuuming any dust that might have fallen to the floor.

If cleaning the ceiling fan is too much hassle, you can always call Naturally Clean. We will be happy to do it for you. You can email us from our website,


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