3 Tips to make your Move Eco-Friendly

3 Tips to make your Move Eco-Friendly

 Looking for an eco-friendly way to move in to your new home? There are several things you can do to ensure that your move is stress free and has minimal effects on the environment.

Scrap the boxes

There are many companies which offer plastic boxes as an alternative to disposable cardboard ones. Plastic boxes are more durable, so if you’re moving long-distance you won’t have to worry about boxes collapsing or damages occurring to your belongings.

Give back!

When you’re packing up your house, make two piles. This is where you will put items you plan on disposing/recycling and items you plan on giving away. Greenpeace estimates that 20-50 million tons of e-waste (waste from electronics) is discarded globally each year, you can help to put a stop to this! Search for a recycling drop-off center near you. If you’re torn on whether or not to give something away (the answer is almost always yes), ask yourself if you have used that item in the last calendar year? If the answer is no, then it goes in the giveaway pile. Both of these simple strategies are great way to cut down on the waste produced by moving.

Use Green Products When Cleaning

It is proven that cleaning and staging your house will help you sell it. When you move into your new place, however, you might want to give the place a thorough clean as well. Naturally Clean, the original all natural cleaning business, has helped many people move in or move out by cleaning their homes. However, if you prefer to clean up yourself, you can head down to your local health food store (most carry environmentally friendly cleaning materials). By using Green Products you are ensuring your own safety and also the safety of the environment.

Plan Your Route

On departure day, plan to avoid traffic so you’re not idling in traffic and releasing tons of toxins into the atmosphere. This is a small, but still note-worthy point, to help minimize the environmental effects of your move.

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