Make cleaning a routine in your home!

Naturally Clean, the original all-natural cleaning service, has been cleaning homes for over 10 years. We understand the importance of establishing a house cleaning routine. Having a cleaning routine does not have to take long, and it will keep your home looking great and keep you sane.

The Daily Routine

1. keep a cloth available in the bathroom and kitchen to wipe down counters and sinks
2. wash dishes and put them away
3. sweep the kitchen floor
4. wipe the top of the stove
4. make your bed
5. sort through mail and put away in a designated tray.
6. keep shoes tidy and organized
7. fold blankets and fluff pillows

The Weekly Routine

1. clean the bathroom include the tub, toilet, sink and floors
2. clean the inside of the microwave
3. wipe the outside of appliances and the kitchen cupboards
4. give a quick wipe inside the fridge
5. do laundry and put laundry away
6. vacuum the house and mop floors
7. dust surfaces
7. spot clean walls and doors

The Monthly Routine

1. clean out the fridge by removing any old food and giving it a wipe
2. wipe the top of the fridge and top of cabinets throughout the house
3. wipe window sills, tracking and wainscoting
4. cobweb throughout
5. tackle one room to clean and organize
6. vacuum under the upholstery
7. dust lampshades, wipe light fixtures

Seasonal Cleans

1. declutter and organize closets
2. declutter and organize kitchen pantry and/or cupboards
3. have ducts cleans
4. pull out furniture and clean behind
5. have your carpets steam cleaned
6. clean the inside and outside of windows
7. wash window screens
8. clean and organize garage

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